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On this website, you’ll find everything you need to on board Medechat and VetCheck 24/7 quickly and easily. There are user guides, emails, social media posts, posters and other materials to communicate with your clients. The library is growing all the time so remember to check back from time to time for new material.

As part of our resources you will find:

How VetCheck 24/7 Works

How Medechat Works

Medechat - Veterinary Care, anytime, anywhere


Schedule video consultations at any time that suits your practice workflow. Staff can work from home at times that are more convenient for them. Available appointment times are managed by you.

Medechat - Veterinary Care, anytime, anywhere


The Medechat widget on your practice website allows pet owners to register and easily schedule video consults with your vets. Vet and pet owner receive a text or email confirming the time.

Medechat - Veterinary Care, anytime, anywhere


At the scheduled time, the consulting vet and the pet owner join the session. The pet is examined by the Vet during the video chat. Payments are made securely through the platform by credit card.

Medechat - Veterinary Care, anytime, anywhere

Storing of Data

The Vet completes a history template (customisable to your preference) which is e-mailed to your practice admin for attachment or copy into the patient file in your PMS. The video consultation is recorded and archived.

Medechat - Veterinary Care, anytime, anywhere

Treatment Plan

The pet owner is emailed a summary and a follow up appointment is made if required in-clinic or via Medechat. If a clinic visit is required, a voucher may be issued to offset the cost of an in-clinic examination within a specified time.

Medechat - Veterinary Care, anytime, anywhere


A video consultation can't replace a hands-on examination of an ill or injured pet, but is useful for assessing remote patients, triage after hours as well as behaviour, skin and post surgery consultations.

Contact Us

For General enquiries or to speak to a VetCheck 24/7 Nurse, please call the Main line on
+61 3 8644 6104 (Australia) or +64 9 801 8645 (NZ).

Incoming calls from our nurses will show as +61 3 8644 6104

Practice Coordination & Support

For all practice support and roster updates contact:

Kate Simon-Menasse
Phone: 1800 225 226
Email: clinicsupport@medechat.com.au

After Hours Support

For urgent issues call our Direct Vet Line on:

+61 3 8644 6105 (Australia) or +64 800 576 962 (NZ)
to be placed at the top of our queue to speak to a vet nurse.

Other Contacts

Sales Support Grant Stutsel
Phone: 1300 361 469
Email: sales@medechat.com.au

Accounts Mel Plant
Phone: 1300 363 795
Email: accounts@medechat.com.au

Marketing Lisa Simpson
Email: marketing@medechat.com.au

Technical Support Alex Counsell
Email: alex@medechat.com.au

Director Moss Siddle
Email: moss@medechat.com.au