VetCheck 24/7 FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about VetCheck 24/7. If you can't find the answer you are looking for you can email it to

This is something your clinic and/or organisation must set-up.

There are 2 options:

1. Integrated call diversion through your phone system.

2. A recorded message with the 03 8644 6104 number.

We recommend Option 1 as this puts your client directly through to our VC Nurses. If you are experiencing issues with diverting your phone service, please speak directly to your management team.

YES, of course!

Another reason we are here for you and your team, we are available 24/7. Just divert your phones. Notifying us is appreciated but not necessary; you can either call us on 03 8644 6104 or email directly

Our phones are staffed 24/7 so someone is always available to talk to you.

We have created a Vet Direct priority line for our Vet/Clinic teams to contact us directly.

In these situations please call : +61 3 8644 6105.

To save time you can SMS our VetCheck 24/7 Nurses on 0485 868 640 (currently Australia only).

We urge your AH team to contact us in situations where:

• A client has not shown up for an arranged AH consult.
• Your team is running behind due to complex cases/taken to surgery/large animal call.
• Your AH contact number may be out of range e.g. remote farm AH visit.

Our process is simple. We triage this case based on information given by your client and our VN knowledge.

In situations, where AH services are deemed necessary our VetCheck 24/7 Nurses follow this process:

1. Nurse calls AH Vet and recaps situation with:

a) Symptoms & relevant information e.g. distended abdomen, collapse, pale MM, access to toxins.
b) Any instructions the nurse has already given the client: e.g. bandaging, CPR etc.
c) Pet/client name, contact number and their estimated travel time to the clinic.

2. Your Vet will need to confirm that they are happy to see the pet and what time they will be available. The VetCheck 24/7 Nurse will then confirm this with the client and organise payment if required.

3. They will SMS your AH Number with the client details to confirm they will be in attendance.

4. A call log is then emailed in real time to the emails your clinic provides, giving you all necessary information.

Rosters should be provided for at least 1 month where possible.

They should be provided in Word or Excel in the following format

Date - Vet Name, Vet Contact Number, Any other info e.g clinic

For example

1st - Rachel 0400 000 000 Example Clinic
2nd - David 0400 000 000 Example Clinic

Download a Word Template to Use

Email completed rosters at least 3 days before the end of the previous roster to:

24 hours or more notice:

Email to

Less than 24 hours notice:

Call the nurses on the Vet Direct Line. Australia: +61 3 8644 6105 New Zealand: +64 800 576 962

Follow up with an email to

You can also SMS the nurses on: 0485 868 640 (Australia only)

Contact Us

For General enquiries or to speak to a VetCheck 24/7 Nurse, please call the Main line on
+61 3 8644 6104 (Australia) or +64 9 801 8645 (NZ).

Incoming calls from our nurses will show as +61 3 8644 6104

Practice Coordination & Support

For all practice support and roster updates contact:

Kate Simon-Menasse
Phone: 1800 225 226

After Hours Support

For urgent issues call our Direct Vet Line on:

+61 3 8644 6105 (Australia) or +64 800 576 962 (NZ)
to be placed at the top of our queue to speak to a vet nurse.

Other Contacts

Sales Support Grant Stutsel
Phone: 1300 361 469

Accounts Mel Plant
Phone: 1300 363 795

Marketing Lisa Simpson

Technical Support Alex Counsell

Director Moss Siddle