Stripe Payments

Stripe is our chosen payment provider and is a online merchant platform used by millions of businesses big and small to accept payments safely and securely.

To receive payments from your clients through the Medechat platform you will need to open a Stripe account. There are processing fees for this service which are 1.75% + .30c per transaction. Please take this into account when deciding on your consultation fees.

You can also access all the help documents at or email if you have any problems.

Setting up Stripe Payments

Firstly go to and select Start Now

Once you have set up your account you will use the Sign In button.

Follow the prompts to create your account and login.

You’ll be asked to verify your email address.

Click the link that will be sent to your email to verify and continue the set-up.

Select Start and follow all the prompts.

Stripe will take you through all the sections you need to get up and running and accept payments.

You’ll need to have to hand your legal business name and business details and also the bank account details that you would like your funds transferred too.

You will be able to choose how often Stripe pays this out to you.

Follow all the prompts supplied by Stripe.

When you have completed the set-up don’t forget to activate your account so that Medechat can connect to it and your payments are processed.

Once set-up your Dashboard will give you an overview of the payments you have taken, your account balance and when to expect payouts.

Make sure you are not in Test mode unless you are testing payments.

You can go into Settings at anytime to update your information or add branding to confirmation emails etc.

When you have completed the set-up, you can login to Medechat and Connect your Stripe account in Practice Settings.

Your clients can now pay for Medechat Consultations by credit card and the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

We welcome your feedback

We welcome your feedback and ideas for new features on the Medechat Platform and the VetCheck 24/7 service. All new features will be communicated in our email newsletters

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