Stripe Payments

To receive payments from your clients through the Medechat platform you will need to open a Stripe account.

Stripe is our chosen payment provider and is the online merchant platform used by millions of businesses big and small to accept payments safely and securely. There are processing fees for this service which are 1.75% + .30c per transaction. Please take this into account when deciding on your consultation fees.

You can also access all the help documents at or email if you have any problems.

When we notify you that you have been set-up on the Medechat platform, you can login to Medechat using the password you created and navigate to Practice Settings

Select Connect to Stripe and follow the prompts.

Stripe will take you through all the sections you need to get up and running and accept payments.

You’ll need to have to hand your legal business name and business details and also the bank account details that you would like your funds transferred too.

Follow all the prompts supplied by Stripe.

You will need to use your legal business/company name for your account, but please use your clinic name as the nickname/trading name so we can identity you easily.

When you have completed the set-up don’t forget to activate your account. Medechat is now connected to it and your payments can be processed.

Once set-up your Dashboard will give you an overview of the payments you have taken, your account balance and when to expect payouts.

Make sure you are not in Test mode unless you are testing payments.

You can go into Settings at anytime to update your information or add branding to confirmation emails etc.

Contacts for Veterinary Practices

For Phone diversions, general enquiries or to speak to a VetCheck 24/7 Nurse, please call the Main triage line on Australia: 03 8644 6104 or New Zealand 09 801 8645.

To avoid excess calls, please do not display these numbers on websites or social media where the general public can access them.

Incoming calls from our nurses will show as +61 3 8644 6104

Clinic Support Manager

Vet Priority Line
(for vets only)

Australia: 03 8644 6105
New Zealand: 1800 576 962
This will put your vet at the top of our queue to speak to a vet nurse.

Practice Direct Line
(for all other enquiries)

Australia: 03 8644 6104
New Zealand: 09 801 8645
This will put you through to the next available vet nurse.

Communicating After Hours Vet Rosters

Please email current month rosters to at least 3 days before the end of the previous roster.

Please let us know in advance if you will be closed for area specific public/bank holidays.

Roster Changes
24 hours or more notice:

Roster Changes
Less than 24 hours notice:

Call the nurses on the Vet Direct Line Australia: 03 8644 6105
New Zealand: 1800 576 962

Please send a follow up email to

Other Contacts

Accounts Mel Plant
Phone: 1300 363 795

Marketing Lisa Simpson

Technical Support Alex Counsell

Director Moss Siddle

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